I am in love with her face! So many fun colors, beautiful! <3


Kylie’s lovely Industrial Strength septum clicker.

That’s a titanium (gold anodized by us) piece that was purchased for her from APP. Whats so AWESOME about these is that you can unscrew the tiny screws and change the gems! LOVE IT!

This was our big thank you to her for looking after the studio while we were playing at APP. Thanks again KG!


So I’m back from a wee two weeks of internet hiatus - just needed a bit of a break away from the world to focus on some personal projects.

Any howwwww, enjoy this stream of fresh new PICS OF THE DAY!

My facebook page is still MIA, sorry to anyone who has been trying to contact me.

Website: www.firstblood.com.au
Email: yo@joeltron.com
SMS: 0400133777

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